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In STAND BY YOUR MAN, Rita Knijf-Pot describes the time in which her husband Paul Knijff fulfilled the position of District Governor in the centre of the Netherlands, in a personal search for what Rotary stands for (SBYM I).
After that, Paul was an International Membership Coordinator. The part of the book that describes this period (SBYM II) takes you to places like Cologne, Sarpsborg (Norway), Brussels, Vienna, Bucharest and Paris.
In the years 2011-13 (SBYM III), Paul served as Director in the Board of Rotary International.
The book offers the reader a behind-the-scenes look at the worldwide organisation of Rotary, in a mildly satirical, relativising and critical narrative.

Bill Boyd (RI President 2006-07):
"I found it most interesting to read your impressions of events and people that Lorna and I also know. It is too easy to think that your view is as others see it and your book has lead me to rethink.

Elio Cerini (RI Director 2010-12, Past RI Treasurer 2011-12):
"I find it intelligent, intriguing, amusing  and absolutely politically correct. Brava Rita!”

Celia Cruz de Giay (RI Director 2013-15 - RI Vice-President 2014-15)
"I want to congratulate Rita for the way she wrote it. When I started to read,  it was so interesting that I could not stop until I finished. She has a very personal style and I love it!!! After reading the book I feel I am closer to her for the way we both think. She is a great writer."

STAND BY YOUR MAN by Rita Knijff-Pot
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ISBN 9789078094555
Paperback - Pag. 240