STAND BY YOUR MAN - English version - zondag 1 juni 2014

  RI Convention Sydney - At the Rotary Global History Fellowship Breakfast author Rita Knijff-Pot presents RI Vice President Anne Matthews the first copy of her book:

STAND BY YOUR MAN - English version -

SBYM I ‘Governor’
SBYM II ‘Crossing borders’
SBYM III ‘The Board’

In STAND BY YOUR MAN, Rita Knijff-Pot describes the time in which her husband Paul Knijff fulfilled the position of Governor in a District in the centre of The Netherlands, in a personal search for what Rotary stands for (SBYM I).

After that, Paul was an International Membership Coordinator. The part of the book that describes this period (SBYM II) takes you to places like Cologne, Sarpsborg (Norway), Brussels, Vienna, Bucharest and Paris.

In the years 2011-13 (SBYM III), Paul served as Director in the Rotary International Board.

The book offers the reader a behind-the-scenes look at the worldwide organisation of Rotary, in a mildly satirical, relativizing and critical narrative.

All proceeds from this publication go to End Polio Now and ShelterBox.


ISBN 9789078094555
240 pages
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